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  • IdentiShield offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call.
  • Simply dial IdentiShield’s telephone number and then enter your PIN.
  • You’ll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number that will appear on caller ID.
  • It’s that easy!
  • For calls to North America, almost any 10 digit number can be used as the caller ID.
  • Not only will the number show up, but if the called party subscribes to a commercial caller ID service the “Caller ID Name” registered for that number will also automatically appear.
  • However, not all numbers can be masked.
  • Any number you enter as the masking number will show up on the bill of the person you called.
  • They won’t ever see your actual phone number!

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  4. Fax, email or mail the application to:
    Fax: 978-278-0601
    Address: LP Police
    Attention: Accounting
    2 Corporation Way, Suite 150
    Peabody, MA 01960

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